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Oden Law Attorneys specialises in top-level Commercial Transactions, BEE Restructuring, Notarial Practice and Conveyancing.

Corporate Law

  • Corporate structuring / restructuring
  • Legal due diligence investigations
  • Private equity transactions
  • Business set up and formation
  • Registration of companies and trusts
  • Registration of Non-Profit Companies and Organisations and Public Benefit Organisations
  • Joint Ventures
  • Customised Memorandum of Incorporations
  • Shareholders agreements
  • Share restructurings
  • Sale of shares and share buy backs
  • Contract drafting and vetting

BEE Restructuring

Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) is a government ingenuity and has become a reality for South African business owners.

BEE affects all business in South Africa, it directly affects entities doing business with government or a parastatal as it would have to comply with the BEE regulations in order to be considered or successful. It indirectly affects entities doing business with private institutions as these entities will be pressured into complying with the BEE regulations when the private institutions have procurement policies in place that require their suppliers to hold a particular BEE status or level.  We provide tailored solutions to assist companies in attaining an appropriate BEE level, especially from an ownership perspective, which will in turn optimise BEE ratings.

Commercial Agreements

Commercial agreements relate to a broad range of transactions and contracts that regulate the rights, relations and conduct of and between persons inter se, persons and businesses or between businesses engaged in commerce. It encompasses a vast array of agreements to name but a few.

  • Employment contracts
  • Lease agreements
  • Sale of movables/immovable agreements
  • Sale of business agreements
  • Sale of member’s interest agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Collaboration agreements
  • Distribution agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Service Level agreements

Notarial and Conveyancing

  • Property related agreements
  • Conveyancing
  • Sectional Title and Share Block Schemes
  • Subdivision and Consolidation of Property
  • Antenuptial contracts
  • Notarial deeds of servitude and exclusive use areas
  • Notarial deeds of long term lease
  • Notarial bonds
  • Estate Planning
  • Drafting of wills
  • Administration of deceased estates

Estates and Wills

  • Estate Planning
  • Drafting of wills
  • Administration of deceased estates
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